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    Audio Production

    At DJ Finalkut, we really do it all. Our services don’t end with video sound design, it extends to music recording and creation. With the help of our fully-equipped audio suite, our audio department offers recording, voiceovers, DJ Drops and ADR, podcast recording, sound mixing, sound editing, and sound design. This studio is complete with state of the art equipment which offers premium sound — perfect for recording voice overs and music.

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    With more than a decade in the video-production business, we like to think we’ve nearly perfected our post process. From assemblies to our seamless client review process, to final video delivery, we know our way around finishing up a project.

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    Here at DJ Finalkut, we know that every detail — no matter how small — is vital to a project’s success. Each phase of pre-production informs the next, which then sets up the production for success. Knowing this, we guarantee the very best in every aspect of pre-production, from casting to scripting, from location scouting to light design. Whether this is just the start of your production journey with us or if you simply need some assistance with a particular area, we’ve got you covered.

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    Video Production

    Video Production is a total team effort. Just like any business endeavor, it’s the concerted efforts of numerous “teams” that ensures the success of such a big undertaking. Every department has a mission, and every mission is critical. To paraphrase the old adage, “it takes a (video) village.” Understanding the vital role each of these departments play during the course of production is a great way to demonstrate the full scope of what DJ Finalkut brings to the table with each production.


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